Friday, February 20, 2015

My 2015 Convention Schedule

It looks like I will be attending 4 conventions in 2015! Up first is Gary Con VII. That's in Lake Geneva, WI (the birthplace of D&D!) I have a pretty awesome schedule lined up for this one:

Wednesday: later in the evening: there is a party at Frank Mentzer's house. I'm pretty excited to go there and meet and greet.
Thursday 1pm I have a game of Munchkin. It'll be a nice 'warm up' for the con.

Friday at 11am I am playing in Tim Kask's Curse of the Weaver Queen game. I "know" Tim (he's kind of the patron saint of our Gen Con team: Silver Bulettes). I'm excited to play in a game and get TPK'd by him.

Saturday is a busy one:
10am-4pm is Castle Zagyg: the Upper Works in OD&D. David Bedell is the GM. I don't know who he is . . . yet. But Castle Greyhawk is always fun, no matter what the name.
4pm-8pm is DCC XCrawl, with Brendan LaSalle. I'm really looking forward to this game. I've never played DCC, and have been itching to try it since last year's Gen Con when I picked up the main book. Also, the creator of XCrawl is running the game. So, there's that.
Midnight to ??? is Pub Quiz with the guys from Gygax Magazine. This should be fun. I like trivia, and I like D&D. So, I probably will bomb out early and often. You know what? I think I'm going to study for this. Stay tuned on progress.

Next up is Whoseyercon, in Indianapolis, IN.This con is a top notch fun time. It's 'free.' You can make a donation of you want, but there is no entry fee. Their event schedule is not out yet, but I am pretty sure we'll be running a big dungeon delve in Mord Mar. I'll probably get another PFS game under my character's belt. I'll be playing in a couple of True Dungeon runs. Stay tuned on this one.

Further down the calender year, we come to the Granddaddy of all cons, Gen Con! We have the hotel room. We have the VIG companion badges (and the VIGs to go with them!) We won't know schedules until May, but here's what we're sure we are doing:
True Dungeon
NASCRAG - if you don't know this is the best game at Gen Con, like 40 years in a row. They recently switched to Pathfinder, but the rules don't matter. Only the roles do.
Running Mord Mar. Probably 2 different modules.
Lords of Waterdeep World Championship
Maybe another PFS game

To round out my convention year, I will be attending GrandCon. This is where we ran the 3-team competitive delve for Mord Mar last year. We will be trying to talk them into something similar with a private room this year. Probably some Lords of Waterdeep too.

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