Sunday, February 1, 2015

CotMA Session 10

The party this week:
Feran, Human Ranger 5: Me 
Chance, Cleric 4/Rogue 1
Clip-Clop, Centaur Fighter 4 (ECL penalty)
Inquisitor 5
Barbarian 2/Druid 3 (I think)
Magus 3/Rogue 2 (I think)

End of last session, we killed Brekk, who blew up. This session picked up immediately after.

We looted his area, and found a bunch of coin, a Rod of Wonder, a Ring of Retribution (the thing that blew Brekk up), Ring of Maniacal Devices, and a couple of potions. After tallying up our haul, we decided we need to rest. We were quite deep in the Castle, and just had a dude EXPLODE! on us.

After nothing happening during our rest period, we entered back into Brekk's workshop. Looking over the machine that disoriented us, was the Mad Archmage himself. After a bit of a talk, he asked us if we 'wanted to see his Crypts.' I said yes. And away we went.

Well, the rest of the party was a bit upset as we were teleported. We appeared in a crossroads.The Mad Archmage then told us we were to meet a 'caretaker.' A rumbling started. We began to run in a random direction.

Eventually, with the rumbling following us, we found a 'jawbreaker machine.' Three of us bought jawbreakers. As we did, a variant bulette attacked us. The centaur, ranger, barbarian, and ranger's animal companion failed saves vs disease. (tbd).

From there we stumbled onward. We passed through bronze doors, and didn't disturb any tombs. Eventually, we decided 'up' wouldn't be inside the area inside the bronze doors. We found our way through another bronze door, and eventually to an area with more tombs.One marked "Guy Fawkes." My ranger broke it down, and found a +1 dagger of distance and returning.

From here, we turned a corner into a death cult, who assumed we were powerful enough to be here, and negotiated a way back to level 6 for the Ring of Retribution. That's where the session ended.

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