Friday, February 6, 2015

Coins of Mord Mar

So I've been reading Castle Triskelion the last couple of days. This has gotten me thinking about the coins of Mord Mar.

There are many, many mintings of Mord Mar coins. I don't think it is necessary for game play to name them all. Instead, I think, that I will use 2 main time frames.

The more common coins are pre-invasion of the city of Mord Mar.
Platinum from this era are called "scarabs." The 'heads' side of the coin is a scarab, and the 'tails' side is the traditional queen's crown of Mord Mar. Scarabs are octagonal in shape, and measure about 3 cm.
Gold coins from pre-invasion are called "mountains." The 'heads' side of this coin is an image of the mountain, and the 'tails' side is an anvil. These coins are rounded, and measure about 5 cm.
Silver coins from the early era are called "king's pennies." They have an image of the king's crown on the 'heads' side and an image of the Citadel on the reverse. These coins are just under 3 cm, and are equilateral triangles, with rounded corners.
Copper coins from the early days are called "mushrooms." They have a 'mushroom' on the heads side, and an image of the Great Gate on the back. These coins are round, and measure about 2 cm.

The post-invasion coins are minted in Var Nae. Most are slightly smaller than the pre-invasion coins.
Modern platinum coins are called "gavels." They have a gavel on the heads side, and a fisted gauntlet on the inverse. Gavels are the only coin larger than their earlier counterparts, measuring in at 3.5 cm. They are rounded, unlike the earlier scarabs.
Gold coins minted in Var Nae are called "standards." They have an image of a limp flag hanging on a pole on the heads side, and an embossed "VN" on the inverse.
Silver coins from Var Nae are called "holies." They are rounded coins with a circular hole punched through the center. They measure 2.5 cm.
Coppers are called "mugs" when minted in Mord Mar. They measure 1.75 cm and have only a mug with froth on one side of the coin.

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