Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Griffin's Rest Character Generation

I am going to start running Mord Mar at the FLGS, The Griffin's Rest next Tuesday. This post details how we will create characters. We use the Swords & Wizardry Complete rules.

Step 1: Roll Stats
Roll 3d6 (3 6-sided dice) 6 times, then assign as you see fit to the following:

Strength: This stat primarily affects combat and carrying power. Note: Only FIGHTERS gain a damage modifier from strength (this does not include rangers, or paladins.) All classes do gain the TO HIT modifier.

Dexterity: A dexterity of 13 or higher gives a +1 attack bonus to ranged MISSILE combat (this does NOT include axes, daggers or other THROWN weapons.) A dexterity of 13 or higher also gives a +1 bonus to AC. FIGHTERS with a  15 (or better) dexterity gain a Parry ability.

Constitution: A Constitution of 13 or higher gives a +1 HP per Hit Die. (So a ranger with Con 14 would get +2 HP at level 1!) Constitution also determines how likely a Resurrection Spell will work on the character.

Intelligence: This stat determines the number of languages and spells that a character may know. It also determines the highest spell level magic-users can learn, as well as their likelihood to understand a new spell found.

Wisdom: A wisdom of 15+ grants a bonus 1st level spell to clerics. Any character with a wisdom of 13+ gains a 5% bonus to all XP gained.

Charisma: A charisma of 13+ gives a 5% bonus to all XP gained. It also determines how many Specialty Hirelings the character may have. (Specialty Hirelings are NPCs that have a class, and may accompany the main character in the dungeon.)

Step 2: Choose a class.
Assassin: A specialized thief, who can use poisons. (Humans only)
Bonus starting equipment: Assassins may choose 1 of the following: 2 flasks of oil, 2 holy water, charmed garlic or wolfsbane to have in their beginning equipment.

Cleric: A warrior-priest. Clerics cast beneficial magic, and may cause undead to flee from their presence. (Dwarf, Half-Elf, and Human only)
Bonus staring equipment: 1 holy water and a silver holy symbol of the cleric's deity.

Druid: A devout follower of nature's ideals. A 2nd tier physical fighter, with a wide range of 2nd tier spells. They gain a wide array of natural abilities like determine if water is clean. (Humans only)
Bonus starting equipment: 1 scroll case and a sprig of holly.

Fighter: A pure warrior, with an understanding of all weapons and armors. (Any Race)
Bonus starting equipment: any weapon of the player's choice and 20 arrows (if applicable to the weapon)

Magic-User: A spell caster, learning the arts from tomes and knowledge. Magic-users have a wide array of utilitarian and offensive spells. Magic-users are the weakest toe-to-toe fighting class. (Elf, Half-Elf, Humans only)
Bonus starting equipment: spellbook, and 1 scroll case

Monk: Monks may not be played.

Paladin: A holy warrior, dedicated to fighting Chaos in all of its forms. They gain a myriad of abilities to help them do this, including a healing touch and increased saving throws. (Human only)
Bonus starting equipment: 2 holy water

Ranger: A warrior, with the ability to track. Rangers are rarely surprised. Eventually rangers can learn both clerical and magic user spells. (Humans only)
Bonus starting equipment: short bow and 20 arrows

Thief: Masters of stealth and cunning. Thieves can hide, find and remove traps, pick locks and climb more effectively than other people. They can also unleash a devastating "backstab" attack at appropriate times.
Bonus starting equipment: thieves' tools, small sack

Step 3: Choose a race
Dwarves: The stout, bearded subterranean dweller. These are the people that built Mord Mar. They gain a +4 to all saves vs magic. Dwarves notice changes in stonework easily. Dwarves may see in darkness 60'. Dwarves may only reach 6th level as a fighter, and 5th level as a cleric. Dwarves may begin play with both the fighter and thief classes (distributing XP equally between the classes.)

Elves: Elves, immortal pointy-eared forest dwellers, can see in the dark 60', cannot be paralyzed by ghouls, and can find secret doors easily. Elves may begin play as fighter/magic-users, or fighter/magic-user/thieves.Multi-class fighters may attain 4th level, and multi-class magic-users may attain 8th level. Elves cannot learn spells beyond 5th level. Elves cannot be raised or resurrected.

Half-elves: A cross-bread between elves and humans. They can see in darkness up to 60', have an easier time of finding secret doors. Half-elves may begin play as Fighter/Magic-Users or Fighter/Magic-User/Clerics. Half-elves may reach level 6 as fighters or magic-users, and level 4 as clerics.

Halflings: Short, friendly folk, modeled after the trademarked hobbits. Halflings gain a +1 attack bonus when using missile weapons, and a +4 to saves vs, magic. Halflings may only advance to 4th level in fighter.

Humans: Humans have no special advantages or disadvantages, except the ability to be any class.

Step 4: Gain equipment
Each character begins play with one weapon appropriate to their class, 1 set of armor appropriate to their class (excluding plate armor), 5 days of dried rations, 2 waterskins, backpack, and bedroll

Each character may choose one of the following packages:

Package 1: shovel,  5 candles, crowbar, 10' pole, hammer and 5 iron spikes, 5 torches, flint and steel, 2d10 gp

Package 2: flask of holy water, 5 pieces of parchment, 1 quill, 1 bottle of ink, flint and steel, hooded lantern, 3 flasks of oil, 1d6 gp

Package 3: block and tackle, 50' hemp rope, 5 pieces of chalk, 2 small sacks (15 lb capacity), bullseye lantern, 2 flasks of oil, flint and steel, 2d6 gp

Step 5: Determine spells
Clerics and Druids may memorize any spells of the appropriate level of their choice
Magic-Users begin with the minimum number of new spells per their intelligence. The player chooses one spell that the automatically know, and the remainder are rolled randomly (using the M-U's chance to understand.)

Step 5: Delve into the world of Mord Mar and have fun!

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