Saturday, June 13, 2015

Day 8: A bit late, but a favorite PC of my own

So, I have been a little off track. I'm hoping to catch up in a flurry of blogs. So here is day 8. A favorite PC of my very own.

I have a couple of great characters right now. But, the one I am going to write about today is Thomas "Rock Solid" Trampier. AKA Thrust. He's my X-Crawl character. When I was at GaryCon this year, I had Terry Pavlet draw him for me (the image is at the bottom of the page).

X-Crawl starts characters at 3rd level, so Thrust already had a bit of history. He's 23 and a zookeeper by day, and an X-Crawler at night. He and his sister, Lilith (AKA Lust) were on teams in both high school and college (Division V and Division IV respectively).

Thrust hails from Seattle, Oregon, as does the majority of his current team. They have competed in a few Crawls (live pay-per-view death sport in a world with technology from the 80's coupled with magic), notably: Memphis Crawl (where he lost his left eye), the Celebrity Invitational (where his ear was grazed by a goblin shooting a gun at him) and currently 3 Rivers Crawl.

Thrust was once a gung-ho, ready to take on the world man. Losing his eye to an orc barbarian (and a woman at that! The shame!), and almost having his head blown off by a .357 have curbed that enthusiasm.

Now-a-days, Thrust is a bit more pragmatic. Until the rage fills him. When his sister is threatened or when a teammate is seriously injured, he loses it. (He's a 1st level Barbarian and 4th level Brawler.)

He is a lot of fun to play. There are a lot of tactical options, and he is a blast to RP too.

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