Monday, June 8, 2015

Day 7: Favorite Edition

Favorite Edition is a tough one. I currently play Pathfinder. But, my favorite edition is 1st.

5th edition I have not played enough of yet. I do like Advantage/Disadvantage enough that I put it into my PF games now.
4th edition I did not play at all.
Pathfinder is what I currently play, like I said. But I hate the super-heroness of it. I hate that there are too many rules and characters types. At least they fixed the power issues of 3.X
3.X this was the best system that dungeons and dragons had. Then they ruined it with 100s of books.
2nd edition may have actually been better than 1st, with the add of skills. But I can't get over Gary's game being stolen from him.
1st edition is the game for me. I love the simplicity of it. "Here's what I want to do." No feats. No skill checks. Just some dice, paper, and imagination to fuel adventures.
0D&D I own all the books, but refuse to use them in a game.

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