Friday, October 3, 2014

Blogging at work

After reading the 1d12 blog I mentioned, I immediately found something to work into Mord Mar. On December 26, 2011 he wrote a Strange and Terrible Curses table. One of these curses was a "beard of worms." As Mord Mar is a dwarven city overrun, there are a lot of dwarves. And this curse sounded particularly heinous. So, in it had to go:

Meet the newest NPC:
Captain Trask Stoneblood Trask is an ex-adventurer who contracted a strange curse. His beard has been turned to worms. It wriggles constantly. The beard serves as a warning to other would be adventurers. No cleric has been able to break the curse.

Captain Trask is a long time member of the Var Nae Guards, who has worked his way up the ranks in spite of his 'handicap.' He generally can be found guarding the entrance to the Lost City, usually berating young adventurers. This is the only time he brings notice to his wormbeard.

When not on duty, Captain Trask can be found in one of the taverns of Var Nae, drinking away his sorrows. Here, he is quite a different man. He is standoffish, ready to fight anyone he imagines is laughing at his beard.

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