Thursday, April 17, 2014

Update on Mord Mar (for the three of you that care)

Mord Mar is moving along at warp speed, all of a sudden. I'm pretty proud of what is coming along. Even working full time, and being Captain Dad has aligned to push my huge project forward. In the last two weeks a few major developments have really shaped the tone.
  • The 'Old City' has revealed itself to me fully.  And by fully, I mean its not going to have a 'map.' There's a flowchart of the different wards, but a map seems . . . undesirable. The teleporter hallway, coupled with the modular flow of the level makes it more work than reward. A few road names, and a list of places seems best.
  • The whole mountain decided to give me the end-game. The bottom-most level allows one person to ascend to immortality. I don't want to ruin some of the surprises down there, but let's just say role-playing will be necessary for sure.
  • I've been struggling with the multiple entrances for the mountain ever since the teleporter hallway became a part of the mountain. The teleporters themselves are somewhat of an entrance, but they don't allow the party to decide. They are rewards for exploration, but a couple of solutions have been found. The Hellevator and the Zombie Carriage both have permanent residences inside the city, near the entrance. The Transitionary is close to the entrance as well.  All are on the far side of the Citadel, so lower level characters really have to work to get there, but higher level characters can quickly access many levels of the dungeon.
  • There is an over-arching story and theme to the first 3 modules (finally). I am excited to see them play out in my weekly game.
While on the topic of the modules, the 1st module has been playtested twice. The first took almost 5 hours (I have scheduled 4 hour blocks for Gen Con), but the 2nd took about 3 hours 20 minutes! We will be re-playing it again on Saturday with another DM running it. I'm interested to see how it goes.

Finally, here is the flow chart for the Old City. I eventually plan on re-doing it so that it fits better in blogs, PDFs, and whatnot, but for now . . . 

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