Monday, April 21, 2014

I have submitted my One Page Dungeon

Here it is, my One Page Dungeon, for all to see.

Main Level
1. Common Room: A ghostly barmaid, named Thora Ironweaver, tends bar.  She will deliver real food and drink at normal prices.  Her goal is to achieve 10 sp in tips. She won’t vocalize her goal, but she will stop serving when it is met. Lurking near one of the stairwells (DMs choice) is a Giant Constrictor Snake.
2. Kitchens: 10 giant rats reside here. The ghost of Bran Warmstone is here.  His goal is to have the 10 giant rats driven from his kitchen.
3. Private Room: The Stone Spears, an adventuring party, is here. Steel (CLR) and Stone Fireshell (FTR), Orrin Blaxstone (ROG), and Rex Steelblade (FTR/CLR).  Their goal is to “see battle.”  

4. The ghost of a boy, Torrin Redgem, who is upset with his father.

Upper Floor
5. Guest Room (Poor Quality): A crude bed, and a peg on the door for a cloak is all that’s in these.