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The Gods of Mord Mar

Here are the gods of Mord Mar, as of now. The creeds are RP notes to help the players understand the motivations. All is subject to change, of course. I also expect to add a few more gods at some point. EDIT: As Mord Mar is being designed to be dropped into any campaign world, it is expected that other pre-published gods be used as well.

Blain Oreweaver: God of Metals domains Artifice, Strength, Earth, War (Neutral)
Uncaring about undead.
Blain was a god who helped create the god-machine (I really need a better name for this).
Holy Symbol: any unworked chunk of metal
Favored weapon: bastard sword
Cleric of Blain Oreweaver's Creed:
Seek all metals, for each is precious in some way.
Wood is forbidden for all uses where metal can be used instead.
Feats of strength are more impressive than feats of intellect.
War proves the strength of metal.
Be kind to artisans and blacksmiths, for they shape the metal into the sword and into the shield.

Mathern Grovelbeard: Exiled God of Evil domains Evil, Liberation, Rune, Trickery (Neutral Evil)
Friendly towards undead. Mathren sees undeath as a freedom from death's grasp.
Mathern was another god who helped create the god-machine.
Holy Symbol: The dwarf rune for evil
Favored weapon: rapier
Cleric of Mathern Grovelbeard's Creed:
Mathern Grovelbeard should be returned to his place. Always advance this goal.
Runes pass Mathern's story to the next generation.
Evil is the only true freedom. With it, all other treasures can be yours.
Freedom is a treasure above all others.
Freedom can only be accomplished through deceit. 

Quarran Battlereaver: God of Battles domains Glory, Luck, Strength, War (Chaotic Neutral)
Undead are a tool to be used in battle. Intelligent undead are dangerous, as they often wage war.
Quarren Battlereaver was the first god to be ascendant through the god-machine. He had been a dwarven cleric of (campaign's main dwarven deity) before ascension.
Holy Symbol: 2 axes crossed over a shield
Favored weapon: battle axe
Cleric of Quarran Battlreaver's Creed:
Strength and Luck are the same.
War is a victory unto itself
Glory through war is the only true glory.
Battles are chaotic. Sow that chaos on every battlefield.

Charna Weepwisp: Goddess of Death domains Death, Law, Repose, War (Lawful Neutral)
Despises undead.
Charna Weepwisp was a halfling assassin who successfully used the god-machine.
Holy Symbol: A black hood
Favored Weapon: great axe
Cleric of Charna Weepwisp's Creed:
Death is a law above all others.
War brings law to everyone equally.
Undeath is the most egregious of transgressions to the Dark Woman. Show them law.
Death is the Final Rest. Do not suffer one who resists it.

Inute Tebro: God of Goodness domains Community, Good, Knowledge, Nobility (Lawful Good)
Undead is the antithesis of community and must be destroyed.
Inute Tebro was a human, and the most recent to use the god-machine.
Holy Symbol: A stylized griffon
Favored Weapon: longsword
Cleric of Inute Tebro's Creed:
Community must follow nobility.
Protect the community, and the weak, for this is the epitome of good.
Knowledge is best when shared amongst the community.
Goodness must come from community, knowledge, and nobility.

Inelia: Goddess of Law, and Equality domains Charm, Good, Law, Liberation (Lawful Good)
Undeath breaks the Law of Death, and all who become undead must be destroyed.
Inelia was an elf maiden able to survive the rigors of the god-machine.
Holy Symbol: balanced scales
Favored Weapon: war hammer
Cleric of Inelia's Creed:
Law and Good are the same.
Freedom only comes from law and from goodness.
Charms are a tool of peace.  Use them accordingly.
All people deserve to be free.

Marshield Ironbeard: God of the Forge domains Community, Fire, Protection, War (Chaotic Good)
Undead are only a concern if they threaten the community or the forge.
Holy Symbol: an anvil
Favored Weapon: war hammer
Cleric of Marshield Ironbeard's Creed:
The forge creates your armor and weapons.
The forge creates your beds and plates and benches.
Keep fire in your forge always.
Protect your forge and your community.

Lady Luck: Goddess of Luck domains Chaos, Luck, Travel, Weather (Chaotic Neutral)
It is some people's fortune (or unfortune) to become undead. Lady Luck cares not.
Many believe Lady Luck to be an aspect of other gods of the realm.
Holy Symbol: a coin, heads up
Favored Weapon: star knife
Cleric of Lady Luck's Creed: 
Lady Luck is a fickle goddess.
Luck runs out for everyone.
Do not take credit or blame for your luck.
Luck is most interesting far from home.

Dollin Silvervein: God of the Lost domains Artifice, Darkness, Liberation, Nobility (Lawful Neutral)
Undead are an enigma to be studied. Probably from afar.
Dollin Silvervein was the god who hid the god-machine.
Holy Symbol: a shadowed silhoutte
Favored Weapon:heavy pick
Cleric of Dollin Silvervein's Creed:
All of us are lost sometimes.
Machines can help us find home.
Freedom is the ability to find home.
In the deep places, many never find home.

Bashiel Ashmouth: God of Evil domains Evil, Glory, Lust, Murder (Chaotic Evil)
Undead are useful, and make strong allies. When their use is done, take their power.
Originally a demon. Bashiel devised the god-machine to ascend to godhood himself. He took the essences of the failed attempts, and gained their power.
Holy Symbol: a machine cog, with a demon face inside it.
Favored Weapon: battle axe
Cleric of Bashiel Ashmouth's Creed:
unknown. This cult is secretive about its tenants.

Ghanael: God of Nature domains Animal, Earth, Plant, Weather (Neutral)
Undead is an affront. Destroy them at an opportunity.
Ghanael was an animal companion to a druid. This druid died near the god-machine. The bear found the god-machine, and he ascended to godhood.
Holy Symbol: A bear's tooth
Favored Weapon: punch dagger
Clerics of Ghanael's Creed:
The land is our home. Protect it.
Animals are food, protection, friends and enemies.
Weather is a needed part of life.

Xyler Shameweaver: God of Darkness domains Law, Darkness, Destruction, Magic (Lawful Evil)
Undead are respected.
Xyler Shameweaver was a Drow fighter who was able to overcome the rigors of the god-machine.
Holy Symbol: an onyx
Favored Weapon: long sword
Clerics of Xyler Shameweaver's Creed:
There is only one law: Xyler's.
Magic is an extension of this law.
Xyler's law is best seen in the darkness.

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