Monday, December 9, 2013

Going different ways

So, this week's playtest did not go as planned.  The party decided they needed to rehash some old areas.  Not a big issue, but they didn't let me know until Wednesday that was the plan.  C'est La Vie.  We actually had one of the most fun sessions in a long time.  It had a lot more RP and less combat than normal.

A lot of the time, I skimp out on the RP aspect, as we only have so much time to play every week, and I am more interested in having my dungeon challenges tested and less about the personalities of the characters.  Its a conscious choice, but not one that I love.

All in all, going back to old areas was good for me.  I had to plot and place on the fly, and think I did a reasonable job (although the players may disagree.)  Ask them about the Spellsap Golems.  They may be less than happy.

Now, a highlight from last session:
A headless undead mind flayer bumping into walls.  The party killed it months ago, but it had been re-animated.  They also took its head to decorate the Adventurer's Guild.  That'll teach 'em to go back to old areas (heh).

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