Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Crossroads

The Mord Mar playtest is at a crossroads.  There are 2 major plot lines coming to a head: The Curse of the Old Man and the Druid Assassin.

For a quick recap, The Curse of the Old Man is the storyline of the party's ex-wizard (and Paladin and Rogue) who was attempting to recover the Ring of Xygan (and did).  Now he is after the body of his dead nephew, Ezekial.

The Druid Assassin started when a player didn't enjoy his character, Cerulean.  She was assassinated by a druid, and I thought that was the end to it.  Fast forward 6 months or so, and a new player decided to play her brother (a Paladin) and track down her killer.  I'm always up for a challenge, so I allowed it.  Now, several sessions into the mystery, they have found she was killed for her sorcerous blood, so that some coven of ancient druids may raise an "elder god."
The coven's time grows short.  They have 4 days in-game left to collect enough blood for the god raising ritual.  They are desperate, and are considering making a raid on the town.

Meanwhile, the Old Man is planning on recovering Ezekial's body.  That's when all hell breaks loose.  2 separate attacks on the city, both from within.  It looks like we are in for an interesting week of gaming come Saturday.

This week illustrates a great thing about 'sandbox' games.  There will be meaningful choices without illusion.  Whichever attacker the party decides to deal with, the other will accomplish their goal.  One of the 2 party goals will become significantly more difficult after Saturday.  We shall see which one.

As this blog is about upcoming events, I don't want to spoil what is upcoming with a preview.  Instead, here's a feature within a 2 hour walk of the city.  Inside the old city is a time bubble.  This time bubble is locked outside of time.  Inside is an Angel locked in timeless mortal combat with a demon.  The battle looks like it has turned against the Angel.

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