Monday, April 17, 2017

Megadungeon List

Most of my megadungeon collection
So, I've been looking for a comprehensive megadungeon list for a while, and can't seem to find one that covers them all. This will be an effort to do that. Anything I am missing, please let me know.

Castle Blackmoor
Castle Greyhawk + El Raja Key
Underworld of Jakalla

ASE - Anomoulus Subsurface Environment
Armaron Castle
Castle Gargantua
Catle Greyhawk (joke module)
Castle of the Mad Archmage
Castle Triskelion
Castle Whiterock
Castle Zagyg
The Darkness Beneath
Dark Tower
Depths of Felk Mor
Doomvault (from Dead in Thay)
Dragon's Delve
The Emerald Spire
Eyes of the Stone Thief
The Grande Temple of Jing
Greyhawk Ruins
Hobby Shop Dungeon
Maure Castle
The Maze of the Blue Medusa
Mines of Khumar
Mythrus Tower
Rappan Athuk
Roslof Keep
Ruins of Kwalishar
The Slumbering Tsar
World's Largest Dungeon

Caverns of Thracia
The Lost City (module B4) - I finally own this. I need to read it to see if it moves "up."
Palace of the Vampire Queen
Temple of Elemental Evil
Tegel Manor
Tomb of Abysthor

Skull Mountain (Holmes Boxed Set)

Dyson's Delve
My Own Private Jakalla

I know there are others out there. There's one that I read about once called Demonsgate or Demonsmouth or Demonshell or something.

Blogs used in this research:


  1. You're missing Dark Tower. You're also missing Palace of the Vamipire Queen. Oh, and Rosloff Keep.

  2. Stefan Poag's Mines of Khunmar and WGR1 Ruins of Greyhawk are two you missed...

  3. Oh shoot, two more I forgot: The Slumbering Tsar (Pathfinder, by Frog God Games) and The Darkness Beneath, a megadungeon that ran a level per issue in the old Fight On! magazine, I believe it got up to 14 levels.

  4. All of the above have been added. Thanks for filling in gaps!

  5. Would you consider Return to the Tomb of Horrors or D1-2,Q3 as Megadungeouns?

    1. The Drow series is more of an adventure path. I have Return to the Tomb, but haven't opened it and read it.

  6. My G+ reply, which apparently doesn't post to the comments at the same time:

    == has a list you should check out, too, Rocky, as well as some key threads on DF and K&K tracked @ (and in general too).

    Others to consider adding:

    - Armaron Castle from Claymore Games
    - Tim Kask's Ruins of Kwalishar, Foolsgrave by chainsaw, Arden Vul by Rick Barton, and my version of Castle Greyhawk (all currently unpublished, although at least two of those are in progress)
    - Castle Greyhawk really consists of several published pieces: WG7, WGR4, Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk, EX1, EX2, WG6, etc.
    - the recently-published El Raja Key archive @ share maps and some keys from a pile of levels from Kuntz's ERK as well as a bunch (22 IIRC) that were incorporated in the second phase of Castle Greyhawk's development, the Expanded Castle
    - ditto for Undermountain: the original two boxed sets, several modules, Expedition to Undermountain, some adventures from Dungeon Magazine, etc.
    - B4 The Lost City
    - Moldvay's CH1-CH3 Challenges modules might fit in your Contenders category


    1. Oh, and Matt Finch's S&W mega-dungeon, Mythrus Tower, too (it's run annually at the NTX RPG Con in June).


    2. I'm actually in Mythrus Tower at NT! Stoked!

    3. My wife bought me the map that Kuntz was selling for Christmas. I meant to pick up ERK from you at Garycon and never got around to it. Maybe NT?

    4. Yes, we'll have the ERK Archive at NTX too, Rocky. See you there!


  7. There's a megadungeon called Kihago in the zine Wizards Mutants Lazer Pistols that should be listed.

    The Maze of the Blue Medusa claims to be a megadungeon and it follows the same pattern as Barrowmaze in being large but not multi-level.

    Speaking of Barrowmaze, Greg Gillespie has a forthcoming megadungeon called Forbidden Caverns of the Archaia.

    Blackmoor is not a "myth," it was printed all the way back in 1977 in The First Fantasy Campaign. The maps were the 1975/76 convention versions rather than the very originals but it is in fact a 10-level Blackmoor dungeon with a (very minimal) dungeon key.

    Philosophically I think the "Skull Mountain" cutaway in the Holmes boxed set is an outline megadungeon that deserves mention somehow. It's probably been realized thousands of times.

    The other major megadungeon is the underworld of Jakalla by M.A.R. (Phil) Barker. This isn't published but there are intimations that it may eventually be.

    There are also two megadungeons from renowned dungeon mapper Dyson Logos: Dyson's Delve and My Own Private Jakalla. The latter is being published in an ongoing fashion.

    1. Thanks for responding, Wayne. I've added Kihago, MotBM, Skull Mountain and the Underworld of Jakalla.

      Both Castle Greyhawk and Blackmoor had published products, but neither truly showed the scopes of the campaigns that went through those halls. At least Arneson had something to do with both of his publications (he also had a version in the 3.x days).
      They are shadows compared to the "true" versions that were run in the creators' hands.

      I've added a pending section for Dyson. I'll try to cruise over to his blog and verify. I always thought Dyson's Delves were just maps that he created (for patreon backers?)

    2. Dyson's Delve is an 11-level "mini mega dungeon". Megadungeon because 11 levels, mini because each level is about 170 feet x 170 feet and the map and specs fit on a single page per level.

      It is here:

      The Dyson Megadelve is a 31-map megadungeon that hasn't been stocked except descriptively (this hall is now home to monstrous spiders of foul intellect and ancient hunger, for example).

      It is here:

      My Private Jakalla is a project I've taken on because my official work on the Jakallan Underworld is on break right now (the Tekumel Foundation has too much on its plate as we speak so I'm in a holding pattern for it). I've got a copy of the classic Barker Jakallan Underworld (3 maps one of which is ENORMOUS, and every room in the whole thing is keyed and stocked), but it hasn't been released yet. So in the meantime, I'm producing my own variation on the theme of a huge undercity of sewers, ruins, temples and so on. By the end of June we'll have 12 maps of it posted and it will keep growing.

      You can find it here:

  8. I see you have Peter Dell'Orto's Felltower mentioned, it is one tbat inspired mine, but you should add two of Kabuki Kaiser's other generators, Ruins of tbe Undercity and Mad Monks of Khartoom.