Tuesday, March 24, 2015

1st Mord Mar Session of the Year

So, I ran the first Mord Mar session of the year last Saturday. The players had a blast. We started at level 5, and here's the PCs:

Khyron: Elf Wizard 5
General Wranth: Gnome Master Summoner 5
Moran the Mighty: Human Spy 4, Fighter 1
Abraxes Onyxheart: Dwarf Barbarian 5
Adrax Onyxheart: Dwarf Cleric 5
Hatch: Human Mindchemist 5

Gonn Inkweaver was the party's handler from the Adventurer's Guild. I do love that part of MM, not having to wrangle everyone to a cause. "You are part of the AG, you've been assigned to this team." Simple, sensible, and easy.

Anyway, they were assigned a secret task, finding the king's kidnapped daughter, Jayella Greybeard. The AG was sealed off for the appearance of the Hellevator (an uncommon, but not unheard of event.) They climbed inside and away they went.

They stepped out of the Hellevator into a 10' wide corridor. 2 doors on each side and the corridor continues into a room. They open both far doors. The door on the left has nothing but a set of footprints in dust leading to the NW corner.

Meanwhile, Moran steps into the right hand door, and gets attacked by 6 treasure chests. They mostly miss, push him out the door and shut it.

Khyron enters the room at the end of the hallway, and gets attacked by a gargoyle who just throws rocks from about 20' above. Each character that enters seems to awaken another gargoyle, all of whom throw rocks. The group hustles through the room to avoid rocks (leaving the footprints mostly unchecked.)

The passage splits, continuing forward and cutting right. Most of the party goes to the right. Due to positioning, Hatch steps into the forward passageway, and notices 'neato lights.' Failing his save, he heads toward them.

Meanwhile, the passage to the right led to a room with 3 aquariums. Adrax steps on a pressure plate, dropping a Gibbering Mouther onto himself, releasing 3 more from the aquariums, and dropping one next to Moran.

Quick recap of combat: Khyron maxes out a Fireball. General Wranth opened a pit to divide the battlefield. Adrax was enveloped by a Mouther, and Abraxes did lots of damage. End of this combat, Adrax was down 4 Con and a few HPs were lost around the party. Adrax used 2-3 Channels.

Meanwhile, Hatch has walked under water and into a far corner of a room. Fortunately, General Wranth saw which way he went. As soon as combat with the Gibbering Mouthers was over, he headed to find his lost friend.

This combat was brutal. There were 2 Corpse Candles from Tome of Horrors (PDF and Print). I didn't use the Con drain aura mainly because of the simultaneous fighting. That said, Hatch was brought down to 3 STR, and Moran was brought down to 1 STR before they killed the first one. The second Corpse Candle fled (presumably to guard something or warn someone.)

This is where the session ended for the night. 

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