Monday, January 19, 2015

CotMA: Session 9

The party this week:
Feran, Human Ranger 5: Me 
Chance, Cleric 4/Rogue 1
Clip-Clop, Centaur Fighter 4 (ECL penalty)
Inquisitor 5
Barbarian 2/Druid 3 (I think)
Drow Fighter/Rogue1/4
Magus 3/Rogue 2 (I think)

After dealing with the hobgoblins at the end of our last session, we jumped right back into the action.We finished clearing out their complex, finding keys to the portcullis and a few secret doors. We found a bunch of money, bracers +2 and a wardrobe with an animated suit of scale armor. Our grapple expert grabbed it, and never let go. It was quickly pummeled into submission. It was guarding a tuning fork, that radiated magic. We stowed this carefully in the cleric's bag of holding. After this, we rested, and headed back to find Brekk.

We looked at our maps and figured out about which way to get to him, and followed a plan. The druid had Know Direction memorized, which kept us from getting off track, and possibly lost. Going through several corridors that seemed to double back on themselves, we eventually found another complex.

First, we ran across a room with a leaky pipe and moss growing in it. We tentatively checked it out and were not molested by any shambling mounds or other planty doom.

Then we came across a bloodied room. It was apparently the scene of a bloody battle (we found out later it was between hobgobbos and orcs). Following our best guesses, we found two emptied barracks and a room with a stone arm from a statue in it. (We left the arm there.)

Finally we came to a place where we found something alive again. Behind a door we hear voices speaking in Orcish. We knocked on the door and negotiated directions to Brekk and passage through their territory.

Following the orcish directions we found our way to Brekk's complex. One arrow trap blasted the party. We were fortunate on our search rolls after that.

We muscled our way to Brekk's workshop, where we were immediately hit by a device that disoriented any movements we made. (Chance and Feran rolled nat 20's to be unaffected.) The battle was joined with Brekk, his 5 gnolls, and only Chance and Feran moving normally.

Our War Mage hit the machine with a projectile, proving it could be destroyed. Chance turned it on the gnolls, keeping them out of the fight.Turning it also allowed our heavy hitters into the combat. Brekk was forced to destroy his machine himself.

Brekk activated some crazy stupid armor: Displacement, Shield, and Mirror Image. Then he used a touch attack to deliver a 5d6 Vampiric Touch and a 5d6 Shocking Grasp to Clip-Clop! Ouch.

Then he turned it on the Ranger. Double-Ouch. The gnolls went down, and I had to head to work, but the rest of the party were able to finish off the gnome-o-mancer. That's where the session ended.

EDIT: Apparently, this was session 9. Updated in the title.

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