Wednesday, January 7, 2015

CotMA Campaign Reset

We reset the CotMA campaign the weekend before Christmas. That's why there wasn't a post about it. Now I have to relearn everyone's character names. We did it to rebalance the party. A few of the players felt there was a brighter spotlight on some people (myself included). We also felt that some roles (in combat) were being under served, that's another reason for the reset. We also procured a few new books that everyone wanted to use in the game.

Our old characters sold our new ones their maps, and many of the quests were open to the public, so no real loss of continuity. The only things that really happened in the 'remake session' was discussion of roles and some light RP (finding the quests and etcetera.)

Here's the new group:
Ranger 5 (me)
Cleric 4/Rogue 1 (Oldhimara?)
Centaur Fighter 4 (ECL penalty)
Inquisitor 5
Barbarian 2/Druid 3 (I think)
Warmage 3/Rogue 2 (I think)
Some wizard thing 5 (from Advanced Class Guide)

So, last week's session found us heading once again towards Brekk (with different people. heh.) We found hobgoblins instead.

Not a lot actually happened. We had an encounter with a Hobgoblin Shaman with an Ape pet of some sort. Other than Spike Growth in a dungeon, we breezed this encounter.

Next a Hobgoblin patrol found us searching the Shaman. There were about 12 of them, that we again handled with little problem.

We followed the passage they came from to find an oddly shaped "room." A portcullis blocked one passage out. Another passage led further than we could see, and there were 2 doors. The room had signs of the Hobgoblin clan living here, so we knew they were close. We found a secret door that led to a weapons cache for the Hobgoblins. Then we found the Hobgoblins.

About 25 of them.
And 2 more Apes

All at once.

And 3 leaders showed up after the fight began.

Our centaur dropped, but we did well. The cleric was able to move into position to heal quickly, and efficiently. The Ranger used his bolas and sickle to trip, and AoO prevailed. The wizard-thing used lightning balls to harass and damage.
The Inquisitor used his judgements to great effect. All in all, the reboot did what it was supposed to. We were much more combat effective, and able to work as a team. We won the day, and beat all the hobgoblins (and pets).

Let's hope it continues.

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