Tuesday, September 30, 2014

It has been a while

Well, it has been a long busy summer. Work was crazy as it always is in the summer, and it stole a lot of my game time. We at Mord Mar successfully ran games at both Gen Con and Grand-Con. And that's actually what this blog is about today.

First up, Gen Con. We planned on 4 events, all running Goblins of Mord Mar. We planned Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. Three of these were actually played. For whatever reason, Friday was a no show. And Sunday had to wrangle passers bye, but it did play.
Goblins seemed well received. Everyone I talked to enjoyed it. I'm even willing to send anyone who contacts me on the Facebook page a PDF copy of Goblins.Oh yeah, we started a Mord Mar Facebook Page. Just go message us there, and you can play the first Mord Mar adventure with your gaming group.
The times seemed to run well for all groups at Gen Con with nobody running over. The encounters were balanced well enough, and everyone had fun.

The trickier game we ran was in my back yard, at Grand-Con. We ran a simultaneous 4 team delve with a singular goal, the Tome of Silver Inkweaver. Again, it seemed to go quite well. We had 17 players out of a possible 24. I wrote a complete write up on the Facebook page. The long and the short of it is: We should have capped at 16. We should have done simultaneous initiative for the multiple party combat. We learned a lot. It will be a lot better at Who's Yer Con.

Now, I'm back to working on the main source book. I'm taking a break from DMing, and playing in Castle of the Mad Arch-Mage and an X-Crawl game.

These will probably start showing up more regular now. I hope to get onto at least a weekly schedule.

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