Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Adventure Gets Sidetracked

Week 2, we had all the players.  The complete party:

Korgan, Dwarf Cleric
Fritz, Gnome Barbarian
Retzlaff, Gnome Paladin
Dickson, Halfling Rogue
Cerulean, Human Sorceress
Old Man, Human Wizard
Ezekial, Human Fighter

The party resupplied for another journey.  They were planning on 4 days, but brought enough for 12.  Buttstallion carried the burden.  They also hired Devahn, a human hireling to handle Buttstallion and make camp, etc.  Old Man joined the Mage Guild, gaining a couple of additional spells for his book.  He was also tasked with finding 1lb of unrefined silver ore for a town person. Buttstallion lobbied for a new name.  He was successful, gaining the moniker "Bad Ass."

The party headed out at dawn, and used the teleporter they found last week to get back into the citadel.  Finding the throne room dark and empty, they left Bad Ass and Devon and headed through a secret door.  Dickson signaled the all clear for traps "in his immediate area."  Korgan didn't listen and traveled 30' straight into a pit trap between 2 doors.  While attempting to remove the healing battery from the deep earth, the party was attacked by 7 gobbos. They dispatched the green menace with some difficulty, and nobody dying.

They found a room with stairs leading up.  In the room at the top of the stairs, they found 4 dwarven statues.  3 were the original clerics of Morridin, and the fourth was the first king of the fallen city.  The statues were enchanted to stop non-dwarves from advancing, but Korgan (our intrepid dwarven cleric) convinced the ancient statues to allow passage to his friends.

Next, the party wandered into a room with 2 statues of lizard men in opposite corners.  A button was found on one, which shut the door and started a 60 second timer.  After about a 1/2 hour they realized that when the timer counted down the door would re-open.

The next room they explored was a goblin whorehouse. They dispatched all of the goblins, except one who spoke Common.  The 6 int paladin (Retzlaff) took her on as a ward.  She told them where to find a mirror which goblins have been using to flood into the citadel.

At this point, they decided to rest in the Countdown Room (putting a pack on the button to keep the count at :60), sending 2 party members back for Bad Ass and Devahn, whom they found dead.  Half of Bad Ass had been apparently drug away by a dragon (they found a bloody dragon footprint).  The party regrouped and sent someone back to town for supplies.  The rest went mostly uneventfully, until the Zombie Carriage showed up.

During Fritz's watch, all the light was sucked out of the room, and a click-clack sound was heard.  Nobody was run over when the lights came back on, but there was a carriage which was lead by an undead looking horse and piloted by an undead looking driver.  The door flipped open with a sign which read: "One gold per passenger."
Dickson, the fearless rogue said to the party "how often can you ride a zombie carriage?" paid a gold and got on.  The rest of the party followed suit.  Taking a ride in the surprising accommodations, they were deposited in the Breeding Pits, not very far from the stairs leading back up.

Here they met some friendly moss-folk, and agreed to take the body of a dead elf away from the area.  The elf's corpse was contaminated by some kind of spore that would transform their children into something else.  They got directions to the corpse, the stairs and heard about a cleric in the depths that helps adventurers.

They headed out to the corpse, and found a humanoid adventuring party there.  A fight ensued, with the party using all of their resources to survive.  The elf and Firebeard's corpse were recovered.  While heading toward the stairs, they were attacked by a bunch of rats, one of which was dire.  A harrowing fight followed, but the party prevailed, but wounded. Here they found some silver ore for their quest.

They found their way to the steps up, and ran across more enchanted statues at the top.  These swing weapons at any who climb up the stairs, or approach the stairs.  One party member dropped (but was stable).  Korgan could feel the temple he purified, and the party moved there quickly.  They set up a home for Darcy (the goblin hireling) nearby, and headed back to town.

The party turned in a completed quest: silver ore, and turned in goblin ears (6 . . . they forgot to write down a bunch.) Fritz's player had to leave early, so his quest completion has to wait until next week.  And so, now we wait for next Saturday to arrive . . .

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