Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Adventure Begins

So, last Saturday (May 4th, 2013), we had our first playtest of the Megadungeon.  The heroes of the day:

Dwarf Cleric
Gnome Barbarian, who carries full sized longswords. (yeah, he's gonna die).
Gnome Paladin, Int 6.
Human Diviner
Human Fighter
Human Sorceress

I don't have their stats in front of me, hence no names.  However 2/3 of the party have at least 1 stat with 8 or less.  They bought a mule (named Buttstallion, from Borderlands fame). Several quests were given to the party to choose from.  The ones they chose were:
Kill Goblins (5 gp/pair of ears)
Sanctify Morridin's temple (accomplished, with no wandering monsters showing up.)
Find Firebeard's ring (or brother or corpse)
Find the Platinum Chalice

The adventure went like this:

Leave the city.  Walk for 2 hours.  Find a note on a door which read: "The water is gone, head South."
Head South.
Find Morridin's Temple, and spend 4 hours sanctifying it.  DM rolls 24 wandering monster checks. . . nada. 
Explore and kill some giant rats.  Nobody contracted a disease.
Find the citadel that holds the goblins.  Wandering Monsters (finally).  3 goblins drain minor resources from the party.
Explore 4 rooms of the citadel.  Fight 10 goblins at once.  The fighter cannot hit the Boss Goblin for 4 rounds.  Barbarian rages in time not to drop from damage.  Fighter finally hits Boss Goblin for the final blow. (The Paladin and Cleric had beat the crap out of him.) Fight wraps up as Barbarian drops.  Cleric heals Barbarian.
The party searches the room, and finds miniscule treasure, but they find a teleporter!
Session ends.

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