Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Working toward the Kickstarter - Tuesday Talk

I'm moving forward in the Kickstarter planning stages. One of the most important things for a KS to be successful is to have an engaged audience. I have been actively promoting the blog on FB and G+ for a few weeks now to move toward that goal. What I haven't done yet is start asking what people would like to see in a Mord Mar product.
I have a vision and a lot of writing done for the campaign. But, it does no good if that's not what people are looking for. With that in mind, I am beginning a new weekly blog article: Tuesday Talk!

In this week's Tuesday Talk, I'm asking about the setting. It's important. I mean, it really is everything in a campaign like Mord Mar. For those of you who don't know, I will give a short exposition.

Mord Mar is a great mountain, in which dwarves lived for centuries. The dwarves built a huge city, also called Mord Mar within. They prospered under the Greybeard clan's rule for hundreds of years. Like any successful city-state, they warred with their enemies, namely drow, goblins, and orcs, but the city was always triumphant. Part of this military dominance came from the great teleportation system that connected all of the parts of the city.

Then, the armies of chaos banned together to destroy their structured enemy. Orcs and goblins attacked remote parts of the dwarven homeland, while drow and other magic wielders infiltrated within. The very tools that kept Mord Mar powerful were its downfall. The infiltrators taught the orcs, goblins, and other races that joined in for spoils of war to use the teleportation system. Soon, enemies were appearing out of thin air, and striking down dwarves where they stood. The only area of the city that stayed safe was Var Nae, or Grand Entrance. That section of the city didn't have teleporters to use against the dwarves, and they were able to hold a small piece of their once grand city.

It is rumored that below the base of the mountain, in a deep subterranean cavern, is a device, spell or artifact that can turn a mortal into a god. Many scholars believe this was the very reason why Mord Mar was attacked. Goblins, orcs and their like must dream of immortality. When your society is kill or be killed, there is nothing more tempting.

After the fall of Mord Mar, Var Nae was overrun with refugees from the chaos deeper in the mountain. Many of these dwarves left the comfort of the stone and embarked outside. They found a suitable place near the great mountain, and began to build a city in the swamp. These people benefited from the ancient dwarven discipline of "stonecalling." Some dwarves could move the stone with their voice. A few of these came with the refugees from Var Nae, and build a solid foundation of stone for their new city, Stonemire.

The people of Var Nae understood that they could not reclaim their lost city from the chaos. So, they began an adventurer's guild. Many people from many races came to try their hand at pulling treasure out of the mountain. Many died, a few were successful, and a couple even became rich. It is rumored that at least two members of the guild found how to become gods.

Recently Var Nae has come under drow occupation. They locked the great doors to the outside world.

This is where the 1st Kickstarter book will begin. "Stonemire" will be a setting book, with the city, swamp, and a few nearby dungeons that can once again unlock the Great Doors of Var Nae. Is my premise sound? Would you enjoy reading or playing this product? Please let me know!


  1. Thanks for sharing in the Swords & Wizardry facebook group.

    Looks pretty good. Drow make great bad guys/girls. Adding the goblins and orcs will make the setting more accessible to lower level characters. So that's awesome. Reminds me of the classic G123,D123 series where one adventure's boss encounter at the end always seemed to lead to the next adventure. Are you thinking about having the goblins, orcs, drow, chaos work in cahoots, but cooperation hanging by a thread?

    The teleportation devices - well I think of dwarves as more engineers than magical beings. I recommend creating a teleportation system that relies on a bit of a mechanical nature, or maybe powered by some special crystals/metal the dwarves mine or smelt. Or maybe the teleportation system was something left behind by unknown inhabitants that lived and perished there centuries before the dwarves arrived.

    I was also wondering if there would be a neutral tribe of something that isn't taking sides, but sort of caught in the middle of things. Maybe some lizardmen in the swamps?

    sounds like a really awesome setting!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read it, Coach K! The timeline is advanced past the point where cooperation has ended with the chaos races. They battle each other in the streets where dwarves peacefully lived, once.
      I also think of the dwarves more as artisans than magicians. The teleporters will indeed be powered by minerals mined by the dwarves. The dwarves actually hired someone else to make the magic . . .
      There were (and are) some neutral races that have been washed up in the battles. Lizard-men are fairly prominent in the swamps. The mountain has grown and changed over the years though. What were once known races are now something . . . else (like mushroom-men as an example).