Sunday, November 23, 2014

Castle of the Mad Archmage Session 5

While in my 'downtime' for Mord Mar, we have two DMs filling in the game sessions. Blondie is running XCrawl for the group, and Adam is running CotMA. I plan on doing session updates for at least that game, as it is a pretty popular setting.

Long and short of previous sessions: we started in a caravan heading to Greyhawk. Fought some kobolds, and established a party. We've established ourselves in the town, Chenth. We killed the bandits, got our asses kicked by Gorkhar the Magnificent, met the dwarves and elves. We made a deal with the kobolds (in the Castle), and found or fought several other random battles. We met and made deals with Hannegar.

Our current party makeup:

Hask (1/2 Orc FTR 3/ PAL 1) - played by me
Ankar (1/2 Orc SRC 4) - played by Ian
Einar (Dwarf CLR 4) - played by Dave
Santiago (Halfling ROG 4) - played by Dustin
Crazy-Ass (??? ALC 4) - played by Richard
New Guy (Dwarf DRD 3/MNK 1) - played by Rob
Jade (Human CLR 3) - NPC (pd 200 gp +10% over 2k from each Hask and Ankar)

A bit more back story:At the end of our previous session, Rob's old character (an Inquisitor of Grumish) attacked Ankar, and was left naked at negative HPs in the Xvents rooms. He had interrogated the bandit leader about their treasure that was left in Greyhawk.

So, we began Saturday's session heading to Greyhawk ahead of the Inquisitor. We decided to do some research while there too. No issues recovering the treasure, and spent several days researching the following topics:
Chenth (a legendary blue dragon who died twice, apparently) - and his bloodline
Chenth's mate - the kobolds believe they are descendants of hers. Part of the treaty.
Lyndys (the LN dragon god, Bahamut's dad) Jade's god
Elder Elemental Eye - our caravan at the start of the campaign went through Homlet, and this came up
Tristan, Scarlett, and Blaze (mayor, head cleric, and guard captain of Chenth)

Returning to Chenth from our trip, we found that the Inquisitor had indeed survived, and lodged a complaint to Tristan. They apparently think their law extends into the dungeon. Hask told them he would willingly submit to a Zone of Truth on the matter. That was set up for 2 days later.

The group headed into the dungeon, heading down toward level 3. As we entered, a rival group was in the great hall, using our kobold "allies" as puppets. Talking was an option until the other group pointed at 3 elf corpses and said "don't mind the axe marks."

The problem is, those elves saved our lives after we were knocked out by Gorkhar. So, Hask walked up and attacked the puppeteer. A lively fight ensued, with 2 Black Tentacles spells making sure we could not have an advantage. The other group fled, and we followed. This time, the crazy alchemist talked to them, and paid them to not talk in town about us attacking them.

We then proceeded down to level 3. We found a rhino trap, and a room with giant scorpions, who knocked Hask out, but the party was victorious. Everybody got <500 gp and leveled up.

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