Sunday, November 18, 2012

Part 4 . . . the "City"

The past 24ish hours have seen a lot of work done on the most important place to a campaign: the home city.  I'm still referring to it as "Adventurer's Guild," but the name will change sooner or later.  I've thought through the basics a city needs: infrastructure, government, citizens, commerce and entertainment. A city underground provides some strange challenges in these areas though.  Here's what I know so far:

Infrastructure:  The city is Dwarven, so roads, walls, statues and the like are not a problem.  The Dwarves are stonemasons of the highest order, even in "exile."  The streets, walls, fences and everything else are well maintained, with little interruption for construction.
Day/Night: times were a bit more of a challenge.  I finally decided that the Elves have bequeathed a gift to the Dwarves, a "Meave."  Meaves are a magical weave that take at least a score of magic users to cast, and are completely permanent.  There are 3 different spells of this order known to exist, and the enchantment in our Dwarven city is the oldest.  The Meave in Adventurer's Guild is a "Sun Enchantment."  All of the stone structures in the city (all parts, not just Adventurer's Guild) show light as the sun (and moon) in current position.
Plumbing: This was another design challenge for this type of game.  I was worried about the citizens of our city having to import water or go to some other extreme measure to hydrate the populous, but I found an elegant solution.  I'm not going to say to much right now, but it was a real fun thought, and it makes sense.  This could be an adventure hook later.
Food: Food is basically going to be imported from outside.  Anything can be bought to eat for a price.  Some things have a tariff (like alcohol) and a few things will be domestic (beer, ale, mushrooms). Many of the inhabitants also have small mushroom gardens somewhere inside their homes.
Animals: There are 2 stables.  Horses and donkeys aren't bothered by the city being underground, due to the Meave. Underground pack animals are available here for rent and sale as well.

Government:  The city is run by a Dwarven Monarchy with a "Master's Council."  The Master's Council is largely symbolic, as Martial Law was declared when the true hold fell.  The king does listen to the Council and take their suggestions though.
King:  Johan Greybeard - 2nd king to rule since the Holdfall
Council Head:  Divad Greatgorer - Master Stonemason
Council Seat:  Robere Pinkfoot - Master Trader - Halfling - only non-dwarf on the council
Council Seat: Wanda Brate - Mistress Seamstress
Council Seat: Toriz Metalbender - Master Blacksmith
Council Seat: Bear Yarl - Master Warsmith (general)
Council Seat: Cristall Earthmender - Mistress Spellmaker (wizard)
Council Seat: Tomas Brewermeister - Master Brewer

Citizens:  Unlike a typical town, every citizen here is conscripted.  Everyone knows a battle may happen at any moment.  Everyone in the city is almost always armed.   About 90% of the people have two jobs:  a day job and soldier.  The other 10% just have one: soldier.  This situation has turned most of the citizens quite dower. Most are ready to fight with fists or steel at any time.
  Children:  Children do not live a happy, oblivious life.  From the time they can walk, they are trained as soldiers to help defend the home.  They have never been sent to battle before puberty, and there is a secret refuge that only parents know about.

Commerce and Entertainment:  The city does its best to remain self-reliant, but as time has passed, they have slowly imported more and more.  First it was just wood, then food, for a time water.  The current list of imports:  vellum (paper), food, wood, cloth, metal, oil, silk, stone and hemp.  They export:  weapons and armor, blacksmith games, beer, ale, water, and mushrooms.  The economy only works because of adventurers delving the mountain.
Entertainment is in vast supply in this war torn city.  Everyone is willing to pay to forget their troubles.  Bards and gleemen and musicians and poets are in every inn and tavern.  They are frequently seen at corners and in the amphitheater as well.

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